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    Product Description

    Over the past decade, desktop case design has become uninspiring, disinteresting and complacent. Exterior designs have come and gone yet the ATX form factor has remained the same. Despite revolutionary advancements in processing power, graphics capabilities, and storage technology, this aspect of the PC was left by the wayside. The nearly 20-year reign of the ATX chassis has officially come to an end. Introducing the world’s most advanced and customizable desktop chassis.

    The KRATOS gives users a choice between four distinct motherboard mounting orientations to best fit your configuration and system placement needs. Do you prefer air cooled graphics cards? The 90-degree orientation works with your system’s natural airflow to facilitate hot air rising up and out through the top of your case. Do you prefer liquid cooling? The ATX inverted mount lets you show off the liquid cooling blocks that a standard ATX mount normally keeps hidden. Variable Mounting also let you plan your rig placement based on your desktop orientation, and not the other way around. The KRATOS puts you in control right from the start.

    The front bays of your PC are crucial to expansion so you definitely don’t want to be limited in what you can place there. With five 5.25-inch front bays for you to fill with an array of options and five hot-swappable hard drives, expansion options are plentiful.

    This isn’t your typical re-skinned, ordinary looking desktop case. It was designed from the ground up by DYON engineers and designers to represent the next era in PCs. Its forward-leaning profile not only gives the appearance that the system is in constant motion, it also symbolizes the forward-thinking attitude DYON strives to bring to each and every product. Countless revisions and structural improvements led to a perfect balance of form, style and function without any sacrifices.


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